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anti human IgE, polyclonal (affinity purified), antibody IT-14, unconjugated
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  Product Name anti human IgE, polyclonal (affinity purified), antibody IT-14, unconjugated  
  Catalog No IT14-1010  
  Size 1 mg  
  Price 1.395,00 EUR  
  Category Antibodies and Conjugates  
  Description affinity purified polyclonal rabbit antibody, specific to human IgE  
  Feature highly specific polyclonal antibody to human IgE  
  Molecular Weight 160 kDa  
  Presentation liquid, 1 mg/ml in PBS 0.05% sodium azide  
  Stabilizer none  
  Storage 4°C  
  Protein Source rabbit  
  Applications highly specific antibody for ELISA, Western blot, line blots, allergy diagnostics  
  Host rabbit  
  Clonality polyclonal  
  Immunogen human IgE epsilon chains  
  Specificity the antibody is specific for human IgE  
  Cross Reactions no cross reactivity with other human immunoglobulins  
  Affinity Constant n.d.  
  Purification affinity purification on hIgE-HYDRA matrix  
  Concentration 1 mg/ml  
  Purity >95%  
  Working Dilution ELISA: 1:5000 - 1:10000  
  Expiry 1 year  
  Considerations for Use Please store the vial at 4-8°C. The product is stable for 1 year at 4-8°C in its stock solution. Working dilutions should always be prepared freshly. For extended storage of the stock solution please add 50% glycerol and freeze the product.  
  Keywords anti human IgE antibody, epsilon chain specific, allergy, allergy diagnostics, secondary antibody  
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