Volume 2
New building blocks for Drug Discovery
Pharmaceutical and medicinal chemists need structurally diverse building blocks in order to synthesize biologically active molecules and to develop focused libraries. The Squarix Newsletter provides you with information about our innovative building blocks, reactive intermediates and screening compounds from our Discovery Chemicals portfolio.
In this issue we are pleased to present examples of our unique N-protected Olefin building blocks, N-protected Aminoaldehydes, ß-Lactams and Bicyclic Anhydrides. These compounds are not commercially available from other manufactures. Please find below a sample list of these new building blocks.
See our website for the full line of building blocks or download the Discovery Chemicals catalogue.
Featured Products
  VA035   AL001
  VA035   AL001
  LA077   BA005
  LA077   BA005
 Discovery Chemicals
 N-protected Olefins
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