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  Allergy Diagnostics    
  Squarix isolates allergens from high-quality raw materials by standardizes extraction procedures. Due to our customers requirements, allergenic subfractions can be chromatographically purified. Additionally to allergen extracts and low molecular weight allergens, we provide you with allergens for scientific use, for which a clear IgE involvement has not been shown yet. Please ask for our list of positive-serums. Our allergen panel actually consists of about 900 allergens and is continuously expanded. Custom production of individual allergens is possible.

More than 220 low molecular weight compounds, e.g. drugs, colouring pigments or environmental allergens are derivatized and coupled to human serum albumin (HSA). Moreover, differentially coupled allergens (epitops) ensure a better presentation of allergenic variants of the epitope.

Squarix offers all allergens in an unconjugated and biotinylated form as well as coupled to ImmunoSelect® paper-discs.

Moreover, our product list covers biotinylated allergens for liquid allergen diagnostics.

Preactivated allergens with coupling groups are new items of our product list. Due to the specific requirements, our customers can use preactivated allergens for controlled and stable coupling to most matrices without further derivatization.

We can offer you a broad spectrum of anti-human IgE conjugates, labelled with different enzymes or fluorescent dyes. According to your test system, we can adopt tailor-made conjugates for your specific needs.

ImmunoSelect®-PLUS preactivated paper-discs are produced according to a new coupling procedure, patented by Squarix. They offer you a cheap and stable alternative to common activation procedures in your laboratory.

Reap the benefit of our custom production service and profit from our know-how in the production of single components in allergy diagnostics.
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