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rabbit IgG, 10 mg, lyophilized
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  Product Name rabbit IgG, 10 mg, lyophilized  
  Catalog No SQ-AK-222010  
  Size 10 mg  
  Price 59,00 EUR  
  Category Proteins  
  Description affinity purified polyclonal rabbit IgG  
  Molecular Weight 160 kDa  
  Presentation lyophilized  
  Reconstitution reconstitute with 1 ml of PBS, 0.05% sodium azide  
  Stabilizer none  
  Storage -20°C  
  Protein Source rabbit  
  Applications protein for ELISA or development of analytical tests  
  Host rabbit  
  Clonality polyclonal  
  Purification affinity purified by Protein G chromatography  
  Concentration 10 mg/ml after reconstitution  
  Purity >98%  
  Considerations for Use Please store the vial after reconstitution at 4-8°C. The product is stable for 1 year at 4-8°C in its stock solution. Working dilutions should always be prepared freshly. For extended storage of the stock solution please add 50% glycerol and freeze the product.  
  Keywords rabbit IgG  
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