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tetracyclin-BSA - HRP conjugate
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  Product Name tetracyclin-BSA - HRP conjugate  
  Catalog No CHR-8165-L  
  Size 1 mg  
  Price 195,00 EUR  
  Category drug HRP-conjugates  
  Description drug-BSA-HRP conjugate, tetracyclin covalently linked to bovine serum albumin (BSA) which is covalently coupled via spacer to horseradish peroxidase (HRP)  
  Molecular Weight app. 110 kDa  
  Presentation lyophilized, 1 mg  
  Reconstitution reconstitute with 1 ml PBS without azide  
  Storage 4°C short term (liquid) or -20°C long term (lyophilize  
  Conjugate/Tag/Label BSA - HRP / tetracyclin - BSA  
  Conjugation Ratio 1:1 / 1:10 - 1:40  
  Protein Source horseradish, bovine  
  Applications e.g. allergy test, immunoassays etc.  
  Purification chromatography, dialysis  
  Concentration 1 mg/ml working concentration  
  Working Dilution test dependent  
  Keywords drug-BSA-HRP conjugate, drug-conjugate, tetracyclin BSA-HRP conjugate  
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